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Hey There!

We appreciate your interest in participating in this clan and its activities. However, unfortunately we do not play RuneScape anymore, and are thus not accepting any applications.

Thanks for visiting us!
Note: If you wish to join the clan for other reason, such as participation in our FPL Tournament, please contact any Administrator, or post on our Facebook page.

1Read the Official Clan Rules
2Read the Jagex Game Rules
3Download TeamSpeak3
An audio facility used especially during wars.
4Read the Clan’s TeamSpeak Guide.
5Bookmark our site (Optional)

By clicking "Proceed", you agree to have completed the prerequisites and are subject to any suitable action if otherwise.

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Player versus Player (PvP) Events
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Miscellaneous (Fun/Social) Events

Your attendance for Events would be:

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Confirm your details before submission. You may use the 'Back' buttons to make changes, if any.
Your application will be posted after you click "Submit Application".

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You have just posted your application!
It will now be reviewed, and accepted only if your Application is referred by:
  • Two Recruiters (Lieutenants and members ranked above), and One Staff Member; OR
  • Two Staff Members

For your application to be accepted, you need to do the following:
  • Get invited to the Clan Channel.
    If you are not a part of the Clan Channel already, inform a clan member who is ranked Lieutenant or above, that you have submitted an Application. He/she will invite you to the clan as soon as possible.

  • TeamSpeak3 Report
    When you have downloaded and installed TeamSpeak3, inform a Staff Member. He/she will guide you through the TeamSpeak3 Testing Process.

  • Forum Activity
    Get a minimum post count of 5 posts on these Forums.
    To begin with, consider posting an Introduction.
    After that, keep a regular check on the Forums for news, updates and other information.

  • Clan Channel Activity
    Finally, be active in the Clan Channel to let others know that you are alive and kicking!

"I have completed, or will soon complete, all of the tasks mentioned above. I shall now wait for the result with patience.”

Current RuneScape Display Name:
Combat Level:
Total Level:
Account Status:
Source cited:
Reason for joining:
Event Attendance
Preferred Events:
Forum Activity Expected?