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TeamSpeak 3 Guide
Teamspeak 3 Guide

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Downloading Teamspeak 3
  • Installing Teamspeak 3
  • How to connect

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TeamSpeak is a program used to communicate with different people over the internet via a microphone and headphone. You do NOT need a microphone to be able to use TeamSpeak. In fact, we suggest you do not use your microphone during wars, as it disrupts the channel, you should only hear the Leaders using your headphones. All you need is a pair of headphones or speakers. Though headphones are recommended.

Leaders would use TeamSpeak to tell who should be piled during wars, since leaders are usually piled by the opponents, this would also help them to give commands while being able to tank successfully.

Teamspeak can also be used for general chat and events, and our members can get to know each other better if they use it.

Downloading Teamspeak 3

Click [here] to be redirected to the Downloads page of TeamSpeak. Download the first option among the alternatives.

If you are using Windows OS then you should click the following link shown in the image.

Posted Image

If you are using Mac or Linux there are other versions also available further down in the download page.

Upon clicking Download, you would be redirected to another webpage listing the "TeamSpeak 3.x End User License Agreement ".

Posted Image

Scroll to the bottom and click 'I agree.' A pop up should open, click save and install it.

If you're on Mozilla Firefox you would see the following box.

Posted Image

Congratulations! Teamspeak 3 has been downloaded on your computer now!

Installing Teamspeak 3

Open the file you downloaded and you will see a window as shown in the image.

Click "Next >".

Posted Image

Then click "I Agree".

Posted Image

It will then prompt you to choose, whether to install it for all users using the computer or only you. You can choose it accordingly.

Finally, choose the destination folder and location for configurations and it will start installing.

Congratulations! Teamspeak 3 is now installed on your computer!

How to Connect

Now, Teamspeak 3 has been installed on your computer and it can be found in the Programs menu:

Go to Start --> All Programs --> TeamSpeak 3 Client --> TeamSpeak 3 Client

Upon opening Teamspeak 3 for the first time you will be asked if you want to run the Setup Wizard. It is highly recommended to do so for optimal use of Teamspeak 3.

After that you will find yourself at this screen.

Posted Image

Go to: Connections --> Connect

Posted Image

Then a screen will open. Fill in the details with your RuneScape Display Name and click "Connect". The server details are given further below in this guide.

Posted Image

After following the steps, you will find yourself in the teamspeak server.

Posted Image

India Inc's TeamSpeak Server - Ask any Staff Member

Thank you for reading the guide. Now you are ready to take part in the Teamspeak of India Inc. For any other doubts please contact an Admin or Staff.