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Welcome to India Inc!

Going Inactive?

Are you planning to go inactive for sometime? Then please refer to this topic and make a thread suitably in this forum section.

If you fail to do so, you may risk your rank and your account could be marked as inactive in this list here. Which could eventually lead to you getting deranked.


What mode of combat should exist?
Purely Old Style Combat 6 (37.5%)
Purely Evolved (EoC) Combat 3 (18.8%)
Legacy Mode + EoC Mode (Proposed) 5 (31.3%)
A Hybrid between the two 2 (12.5%)
Total Votes: 16
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Welcome to India Inc.

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The India Inc. Forums serve as a base for all our clan operations. These include official member registration, event organisation and game discussion. All clan announcements are made here for the convenience of members. The site acts as an unbound, restriction-less medium which aids in the facilitation of easy intraclan communication. Over the years, it has contributed largely to the organisation in our clan by providing key inputs to the rank structure, member discipline and other such factors making it an unmatched marvel.

Furthermore, players can participate in unofficial activities like forum games, and may also share jokes, pictures, videos, stories and much more! This passive mode of interaction and discussion helps promote a healthy social environment, and keeps the members focussed as well as entertained during their tenure in the clan.

Welcome to the India Inc Forums. A place where even the slightest of ideas can spark off a brainstorming session. A place to learn, to explore and ofcourse, enjoy!

About Us

India Inc. was established in October 2007. At first, it was just a place for friends to meet up and chat. However, the presence of many like-minded individuals, with a different perspective towards the idea of community and its progress, triggered the thought of putting up a well-settled establishment within the virtual boundaries of an online game. With such points of view in mind, the clan ventured further into the concept by hosting many events for its members, setting up a rank system and promoting interclan social affairs. After such a path was taken, it didnít take much time to realise the potential of what was then a developing community clan. It was a bunch of innovative minds which took the clan to an unbounded level that led to the construction of a closely-knit family-like organisation.

As time passed by, many milestones were set, many barriers were crossed and gradually, we took small steps forward. Today, India Inc. stands to be one of the most popular clans in Runescape. No, the path at present, and the path ahead, neither are smooth or easy for us. But here at India Inc. we strive to tread even the toughest of trails and cross all obstacles, to build up what we call a noble community.


Events greatly help in strengthening the community, and having a healthy mix of all sorts of members, India Inc. prides itself in having a multitude of events, both F2P and P2P; ranging from the combat/skilling ones to the highly intensive community specific ones. Not only are clan war sessions, minigame events, quizzes, and treasure hunts held on a regular basis, but even major tournaments are held periodically.

Annual events include the prestigious Indian War League which is a widely-known popular event. Festive events, inclusive of parades and entertaining mini-events complementing them, add glamour to the stronghold of glory. Apart from having our own events, we also participate in several other events that are organised by Jagex.


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